10 Great Investments

Investment is about giving up resources in the short-term with a view to gaining over the long-term.

Very often investment is understood in terms of money. However, your investments often involve sacrificing time, energy, goods, reputation or… well anything else that you can think of that you give up now in anticipation of gaining something better in the future.

10 Great Investments

Here are 10 things that are always worth investing in:

  1. Time with your family and friends
  2. Good Great books
  3. A good meal: healthy and satisfying
  4. Getting organized
  5. Developing your talents
  6. Sorting out your finances
  7. Fresh air
  8. A decent pair of shoes (smart, practical and comfortable – not necessarily expensive)
  9. The tools of your trade
  10. A good night’s sleep

Bonus number 11: Meditation and prayer

You cannot manage your outer life if your inner life is in turmoil.

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