100 Instant Fixes for a Better Life

Looking for instant fixes? Here are 100 things you can do to improve your life in just 60 seconds or less. Which ones will you try today?

All too often, I find myself looking at the big changes I’d like to make in my life, and realizing that I really don’t have the resource and commitment to make them happen. As a result, I often miss the small, simple improvements that would be so easy to make if only I stopped and thought about it.

Whilst none of the things on this list are amazing on their own, small differences add up. So, why not pick something off the list and do it right now? After all, it’ll take longer to read the list than to do many of the things on it.

100 Instant Fixes

  1. Drink some water
  2. Delete an email
  3. Breathe
  4. Smile
  5. Give thanks
  6. Take of your shoes
  7. Eat slowly
  8. Open a window
  9. Gaze at something beautiful
  10. Water a plant
  11. Put something away
  12. Look up a word in the dictionary
  13. Meditate
  14. Write the first line of a poem
  15. Throw something away
  16. Get up and walk around
  17. Stretch
  18. Encourage someone
  19. Eat some fruit
  20. Make a note in your journal
  21. Sing
  22. Learn a word in a foreign language
  23. Think about a loved one
  24. Put the kettle on
  25. Give someone a hug
  26. Improve your posture
  27. Put on a light
  28. Skim a stone
  29. Close your eyes
  30. Forgive someone
  31. Pick up some litter
  32. Sharpen a pencil
  33. Ask someone how they’re doing
  34. Put on some music
  35. Switch something off
  36. Delegate a task
  37. Adjust your attire
  38. Bag up some rubbish
  39. Remind yourself that you’re loved
  40. Just listen
  41. Wipe your screen
  42. Doodle
  43. Oil a squeaky hinge
  44. Notice what your body is telling you
  45. Wash up a cup
  46. Say a quick prayer
  47. Unsubscribe from an email distribution list
  48. Water a plant
  49. Be still
  50. Put your phone on charge
  51. Turn down the heating
  52. Reply to a text
  53. Decide on a goal
  54. Put on a jumper
  55. Put up a reminder
  56. Empty the receipts out of your wallet
  57. Wash your hands
  58. Read a psalm
  59. Write down your feelings
  60. Solve an anagram
  61. Pay someone a compliment
  62. Check your to-do list
  63. Admit that you’re wrong
  64. Smell some flowers
  65. Stroke a pet
  66. Tell a joke
  67. Clean the fluff out of the tumble dryer
  68. Pull faces at yourself in a mirror
  69. Check your pens to make sure they work
  70. Blow up a balloon
  71. Say you’re sorry
  72. Look at the sky
  73. Light a candle
  74. Start a Mexican wave (even if you’re the only one)
  75. Turn off your email alerts
  76. Decide to go to bed early (+ set a bedtime alarm)
  77. Let your hair down
  78. Lift something heavy
  79. Put something in to soak
  80. Plump a pillow
  81. Nip to the loo
  82. Notice your habits
  83. Put your phone on silent
  84. Shout “whoo-hoo!” as loudly as you can
  85. Refocus on what you’re supposed to be doing
  86. Pop £1 in a savings tin
  87. Hold a door open for a stranger
  88. Take a vitamin
  89. Take a photograph
  90. Check the smoke alarm
  91. Say “no”
  92. Greet a stranger
  93. Stick a “No junk-mail, thanks” label on your letterbox
  94. Write down something that went well today
  95. Send birthday greetings
  96. Look for beauty in simple things
  97. Ask for advice
  98. Check your fuel gauge
  99. Decide on your highest priority
  100. Tell someone you love them

Bonus: Instant Fix 101

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