Gifts and Choices

I have been given a mouth
But I must choose my own words
I have been given a mind
But I must choose my own thoughts
I have been given a body
But I must choose my own actions
I have been given a heart
But I must choose who I share it with

My destiny is influenced by my endowments
But it is determined by my choices

Are You Heading for a Winter of Regret?

Will your life be a life half-lived? A life of regret?

…or will you live wisely, love well and serve greatly?

Leadership guru Robin Scharma often begins his talks with the following poem from Shesh Lehka by Rabindranath Tagore:

Why not print it out and put it somewhere so that you can read it regularly?


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A Daisies Day

Today is a daisies day.







Facing Facts

Facing Facts

The hardest fact
That I have ever had to face
Is that I spend most of my time
Running away from reality.
I discovered that,
Even though I claim
That I am seeking the Truth,
What I am actually doing
Is performing
A delicate balancing act.
On the one hand
I have to keep up the pretence
That I am genuinely seeking,
And I have become very skilled
At fooling myself.
On the other
I have to know just enough Truth
To make damn sure
I avoid stumbling over
The rest of it.


  • Written 1992
  • Image via stockfresh, under licence.

The Scientific Enquiry


  • Written 16th May 1994
  • Image under licence from Hemera


Tiny drops of spit
Litter the air as he speaks,
His words are like stones
That are cast in a pool
And their meanings elude me.

His obvious distinctions
And clear-stated truths
Pass as senseless impressions
Blurred and bound
In a web of their own.

There is only the hum
Of tangled dream
Spun from the threads
He throws in the air
Thrilling the tips of my fingers
But somehow failing my grasp.

Notes and Acknowledgements

“Inattention” was written on 1st February 1990, way back when I was a student.

Original image courtesy melodi2 via stock.xchng.

Fire and a Cherry Tree


This is my tribute to “Ashes and Lemon Peel”, a poem by R. D. Laing. Laing’s poem was  once a favourite of mine – his “ashes and lemon peel” (all that remains after fire and bitterness) spoke to the emptiness and meaninglessness that I experienced long ago. In contrast, “Fire and a Cherry Tree” is a poem of hope and consolation. I wrote it shortly after I “saw the light” of Christ for myself.