Disc-Binding Systems

Information on disc binding systems and manufacturers.

Disc Binding is a loose-leaf notebook binding that uses discs to hold the sheets of paper together.


  • Invented by Andre Tomas and Andre Martin (from whom the Atoma brand name was derived)
  • Patented in 1948

Manufacturers and their Systems

Company System Name Availability
Aurora Productions  ADOC  Belgium
Atoma  Atoma  Belgium
Boxclever Press (formerly called “Organised Mum”) Busy Days Planner UK
Clairefontaine Clairing France
Ftdc (defunct)
Levenger Circa US
Rollabind US
Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner
Myndology US
Office Depot TUL
Staples ARC US
Wiltdam Hannah UK

Disc Sizes

According to Levenger:

Disc Size Number of Pages
3″ 450
2½″ 400
2″ 350
1½″ 200
1″ 150
¾″ 120
½″ 80
¼″ 50

Exact numbers will depend on page thickness.

Page Sizes

European Systems

A4 A5 A6
210 ✕ 297 mm 148 ✕ 210 mm 105 ✕ 148 mm
8.3″ ✕ 11.7″ 5.8″ ✕ 8.3″ 4.1″ ✕ 5.8″
ADOC 12-discs 8-discs 6-discs
Atoma 11-discs 8-discs 6-discs
Clairfontaine* 11-discs
Staples 11-discs  8-discs
William Hannah 8-discs 6-discs

*Clairfontaine also make notebooks containing 165 ✕ 210mm (a kind of wide-A5) paper, bound with 8-discs.

US Systems

Common Name EU US Number of Discs
Letter  216 ✕ 279 mm 8.5″ ✕ 11″ 11 or 10
Junior* (Half Letter /  Memo)  140 ✕ 216 mm 5.5″ ✕ 8.5″ 8
Compact 3.75″ ✕ 6.75″ 7
PDA (index cards) 3″ ✕ 5″
Micro PDA (business-card size) 2″ ✕ 3.5″

*Not to be confused with “Legal Junior”.

  • Rollabind – Letter, possibly others
  • Levenger (US) – Letter, Junior, Compact
  • Myndology – Letter (10-discs), Journal (6.5″ ✕ 8.5″ 8-discs), Index (5-discs), Note (2-discs)
  • Office Depot (US) – Letter, Junior

Other Systems

  • Busy Days – Size Unknown (9-discs)
  • Happy Planner (7″ ✕ 9.25″)


  • Image Public Domain, by Ryan Rassmussen, via Wikipedia

In a Year of Growth, How Will You Grow?

Are you planning to make this year a Year of Growth? What development areas have you chosen? Here is a list of suggestions to help you decide.

How to Use This List to Get Results

Here are some suggestions on how you can make best use of this list.

  • Don’t try to tackle everything! You’ll be a lot more effective if you focus on a few key areas.
  • Choose topics that will give you the greatest long-term benefits.
  • For each area you choose, decide what action you’re going to take.
  • Plan how you’re going to take action.
  • Remove barriers that will slow you down.
  • Enlist others to help you.

How Will You Grow Physically?

Will you look after yourself better in each of these areas:

  • Nutrition and hydration?
  • Exercise?
  • Rest and relaxation?
  • Personal safety?

How will you look your best? Will you improve your:

  • Grooming?
  • Wardrobe?

How will you get better organised? Will you simplify:

  • At work?
  • At home?
  • At play?

How will you take care of your valuables? Will you:

  • Service?
  • Clean?
  • Tidy?
  • Repair?
  • Backup?
  • Secure?

How will you manage your time more effectively? Will you get better at:

  • Managing your to-do list?
  • Scheduling?
  • Estimating?
How will you improve your financial situation in each of the following areas?
  • Earning?
  • Spending?
  • Borrowing?
  • Saving?
  • Protecting?

How Will You Grow Intellectually?

How will you develop your skills and knowledge? Will you take action by:

  • Reading?
  • Attending a course?
  • Asking questions?
  • Mentoring / being mentored?
  • Teaching?

How will you develop your creativity? Will you:

  • Write?
  • Teach?
  • Compose?
  • Design?
  • Produce?

How Will You Grow Your Relationships?

Will you develop in each of your roles?

  • As a family member?
  • As a friend?
  • As a colleague?
  • As a neighbour?
  • As a citizen?

How will you improve your emotional intelligence?
How will you become a better communicator?

  • As a speaker?
  • As a listener?
  • As a writer?

How Will You Grow Spiritually?

The growth of your spirit underpins every other area of growth in your life.
Will you clarify your purpose? Will you:

  • Know your strengths?
  • Know your passions?
  • Know the need?
  • Live your mission?

Will you hone your character? How will you be more:

  • Loving?
  • Joyful
  • Peaceful?
  • Patient?
  • Kind?
  • Good?
  • Faithful?
  • Gentle?
  • Self-controlled?
How will you practice the spiritual disciplines?
  • Solitude?
  • Meditation?
  • Prayer?
  • Study?
  • Fasting?
  • Worship?
  • Celebration?
  • Confession?
  • Giving?
  • Simplicity?

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you picked your growth areas? I’d love to hear what you’ve chosen and what you plan to do about it. Also, please do share if there is  something missing from my list: I’m sure others will benefit from your insights.

Have a great year!