25 Little Ways to Celebrate Success

celebrate successCelebrate your success! Here are 25 small ways to celebrate the small steps that you are taking to reach your big goals.

  1. Do a little dance
  2. Tell someone
  3. Write it in your journal
  4. Treat yourself
  5. Punch the air
  6. Take a break
  7. Tick an item off your to-do list
  8. Give yourself a sticker
  9. Shout: “Yes!”
  10. Put a mark on your calendar
  11. Plant something
  12. Take a photograph
  13. Give someone a present
  14. Give yourself a thumbs-up (use a mirror)
  15. Play some triumphant music
  16. Thank someone for their support
  17. Throw away something you won’t need anymore
  18. Let off a party popper
  19. Sing a victory song
  20. Pat yourself on the back
  21. Smile
  22. High-five someone
  23. Congratulate yourself
  24. Share it on social media
  25. Buy everyone cakes

Bonus Ideas

  1. Enjoy the results of your achievement
  2. Start planning your next success!


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