13 Laws of Personal Growth

seedlingSome laws of personal growth:
  1. The Potential Principle: We have unlimited capacity for growth
  2. The Grow or Die Principle: If you’re not growing then you’re dying
  3. The Process Principle: Growth is a process
  4. The Investment Principle: Growth requires investment
  5. The Reproduction Principle: Things reproduce after their kind
  6. The Roots Principle: The growth you see is underpinned by the growth that you don’t see
  7. The Clone Principle: You become like the people you spend time with
  8.  The Fruit Principle: The purpose of growth is the fruit, not the leaf
  9. The Seasons Principle: Growth has it seasons
  10. The Pruning Principle: Healthy growth requires pruning
  11. The Environment Principle: Growth can be stimulated or frustrated by our environment
  12. The Responsibility Principle: Maturity is the ability to take responsibility
  13. The Levels Principle: The steps that brought us here are not the steps that will take us where we want to go

Image courtesy Jean-Paul Brouard via Stock.Xchng

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