The Scientific Enquiry - Marks in the Sand

The Scientific Enquiry

February 13, 2014 © Kramii (filed under Poetry, Science)


People desire comfort,
   work becomes a bore,
So computers and machines
   will take on every chore.
And when asking about the price we pay,
   the subject to avoid
Is the barrenness of life
   for men who're unemployed.

With insufficient energy
  for the mandates of our greed
The nuclear provider
  will meet our every need;
It's better not to think about
  the minor limitation -
The soil around Chernobyl
  knows the curse of radiation.

And when our food is tawdry,
  or the taste of milkshake bland,
Chemists improve on strawberry,
  and new flavourings are planned;
And no-one likes to question
  the healthiness of these
When half the world is hungry,
  and begging on its knees.

With nation fearing nation,
  when no-one's getting on,
Our security is purchased
  by the bigger, better bomb.
Though this opinion may be questioned
  when the past gives this instruction -
It was shown in Hiroshima
  that we're bent on mass destruction.

So whenever problems face us
  we're sure of resolutions
With science as our saviour,
  providing all solutions;
Even so, there yet remains
  a sphere where science is blind
It fails to cure the folly
  in the hearts of human kind.


  • Written 16th May 1994
  • Image under licence from Hemera

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