Fire and a Cherry Tree - Marks in the Sand

Fire and a Cherry Tree

July 4, 2012 © Kramii (filed under Poetry)

Fire and a Cherry TreeMy face is split in two.
Cracked eyes and dry white lips
Express my damp emotions,
As lonely beads of pain caress my shallow name -
Yet somewhere in my heart
A wondrous fire burns.

A joyful song,
Its hands so lovingly reach out
And touch my meaningless fear.
Its comforting smile so meaningfully gives
The redemption I sorely craved.

In my heart is a fire and a cherry tree.
Am I so far away?
I have lost myself in my God -
You cannot reach me there,
But when you love the Light
As you love me...
You will live.



This is my tribute to “Ashes and Lemon Peel”, a poem by R. D. Laing. Laing’s poem was  once a favourite of mine – his “ashes and lemon peel” (all that remains after fire and bitterness) spoke to the emptiness and meaninglessness that I experienced long ago. In contrast, “Fire and a Cherry Tree” is a poem of hope and consolation. I wrote it shortly after I “saw the light” for myself.

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