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Building Community

May 2, 2012 © Kramii (filed under Community, Leadership)

There are some things that every community needs, a set of requirements that applies to any kind of community: software projects, churches, businesses, product lines, clubs, sports and families. Even if these things are in place, there is no guarantee that the the community will flourish. Without them, however, the community is sure to dwindle and die.

If your aim is building community then you will need:


A purpose that members will consider worthwhile, along with a feeling that your aims can be achieved.


Someone to champion the cause. Someone to guard, guide and govern the community. That’s probably you, but it doesn’t have to be.


The people, time and finances to achieve the goals of the community.

Faith in the Community

A belief that there are others that share a passion for the vision and are committed to its realisation.


A forum for that community to share ideas and offer encouragement.


If a community does not grow, it will dwindle.


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